Friday, September 9

End Game: Greece to Default This Weekend?

While the Greek government is publicly denying it (I suppose they have to until the banks close) the game appears to be up (further confirmation from Spiegel here).

The timing of the default would come roughly in line with my prediction. We're also seeing a softening in the euro, now down to $1.36, also as predicted.

In terms of what happens next, the first step following default would likely be a bank holiday in Greece. This would then be followed by some type of devaluation (rumoured to be around 50%) of the reintroduced drachma.

As I posted yesterday, anyone in Greece who still has their euros in a Greek bank may want to move swiftly.

Here is Professor Eichengreen with some deeper perspective and why its likely the ECB is going to be doing a lot of Ctrl+P.

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