Thursday, November 17

Video: Kyle Bass' Full BBC Hardtalk Interview

"Capitalism without bankruptcy is like Christianity without Hell" and other choice comments from the hedge fund manager profiled in Michael Lewis' most recent book, Boomerang.


  1. Better program if the host wouldn't talk and let Kyle Bass lose. He's great and she's.... not really showing much intelligence.

  2. This chick is a complete idiot... She does not have a clue what Kyle is talking about... She just wants to sensationalize what he did.

    She DID sort of ask one good question....about the CDS market. She does understand that a CDS is an insurance policy... But she does not realize that so is a put option.

    CDS's should, however, be exchange based so that margin requirements can be enforced. Imagine letting insurance companies sell policies willy nilly without carrying loss reserves....

  3. Wow the host is a dope.

  4. did he make any money on Greece? Questionable.

  5. Bass made a fortune on Greece!
    First he made untold millions on the housing collapse.
    Then along came Greece...Kyle bought I nearly on his CDS instruments...estimates are that he made between $15 Billion to $30 Billion+
    There is more to be made shorting European debt now.
    Ultimately his biggest play may be Japan...the worst debt load in the world. Japan wishes they were Greece!