Saturday, June 16

Greece vs. Germany: Football Showdown Between Europe's Arch Debt Crisis Antagonists Looks Likely

Germany vs. Greece
Greece's national football team just scored to go up 1-0 against Russia. If Greece can hold on to beat Russia and advance as the runner-up in Group A they would play the winner of Group B, which is looking like it will be....Germany!

Anyone following the vitriol which has been spewed in the Greek and German media towards each respective country these past two years can't help but be intrigued by a possible matchup of the two Eurozone debt crisis antagonists on the football pitch.

Will Angela Merkel extend an olive branch and invite Greece's newly elected 'Sexy Alexis' Tsipras to share the spectators box at the match? Will tempers fueled by 2+ years of economic depression and feelings of being cheated and bullied boil over amongst the players? Would a lopsided German victory serve to further engrain in the Greek psyche the notion of a German-dominated Europe?

Or, more optimistically, will sport -- in its unique role in our society -- do what it does when it's at its best and serve as a means to bring disagreeing peoples together to help form the basis for a constructive way forward in the Eurozone crisis?

A more pressing question is how would Greece's advance to the quarterfinals affect tomorrow's national election? One can imagine the euphoria from victory over Russia working in favor of status quo parties such as New Democracy, which appear to have positioned themselves as more pro-Europe, and against protest parties like Syriza, which have benefitted from a frustrated, angry electorate.

If the matchup between Greece and Germany happens it would take place on Friday 22 June at 19:45 GMT.

Update: Greece did their part, beating Russia 1-0. Now if Germany can win Group B tomorrow we'll have our showdown.


  1. good EU PLAN B:
    Let South be obrero / migrant workers for Euro's again.
    This is how Eu once started.
    Form the EU of willing of the North.
    North is 80% anyway. what's the point splitting between workers and spanish educated obrero's ...
    Stop the debt AND flow free labour laws and south can pay.
    A good economy needs dual labour laws. US/mexican. Chineese rual workers ect.

  2. Friday football match: this is war!

  3. The Germans destroyed Europe twice and are headed to do the same for a thrird time. Germans can teach the Greeks something once they (a) return the Greece Gold Nazi's Stole from Greece (b) pay back the loan that Hitler forced the Greeks to take to use it for his Nazis (3) pay an estamate 200-350 billions euros as reparations for burning 2500 Greek villages and exterminating 13.6% of Greece population.
    "Heroes fight like Greeks" Winston Churchill (view

  4. Really you going to say that Germany should re pay for damages that was done about 65 years ago? What about all the money Greece is currently losing for the EU and the other issue Greece is bring the EU? Lets handle the present before we worry about shit from 65 years ago.


  6. both o them are fucked up

  7. If you want to watch germany-greece, here is the stream